Celebs That Have Made The CUT @ The Trend Boutique!

When an A-list celebrity drastically chops off their luxuriously long locks, we can’t help but be in admiration and damnation at the same time! “Aw, why the hell would she do that!” vs. “Oh,  I wish I had the guts!” compete at the same level. The Trend Boutique rounds up our favorite iconic hairstyle changes… which look would you rock?



11_4blogpost_CelebsCut_Miley 11_4blogpost_CelebsCut_PamAnd
11_4blogpost_CelebsCut_Hudson 11_4blogpost_CelebsCut_Coco 11_4blogpost_CelebsCut_Charlize 11_4blogpost_CelebsCut_CamillaBelle 11_4blogpost_CelebsCut_Beyonce 11_4blogpost_CelebsCut_Anne 11_4blogpost_CelebsCut_Aniston

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