WIN a Valentine bkr Bottle + Meet the bkr Creators @ The Trend Boutique!

The Trend Boutique got together with the wonderful team over at bkr to learn more about the brand from the creators themselves: Tal Soltz & Kate Cutler! We’d like to thank the two for their time and the wonderful bkr Collection now @ TTB. (P.S. See below to win a Heartbkr Bottle in time for Valentine’s Day!


First things first, What does bkr stand for?

Bkr is pronounced “beaker.” It’s a throwback to high school science class and the glass beakers we all used.

How did this idea for a water bottle emerge?

We were two cute smarties drinking from a ton of disposable plastic water bottles. Which, as it turns out, is not cute or smart. Plastic is 100% chemical, disposable things usually become trash, and clean water comes out of the tap for free. But we couldn’t find a water bottle we LOVED. We wanted something clean, clear and pretty – that wasn’t made of plastic, didn’t have an enormous mouth, and didn’t feel like camping equipment. AND [something] that we could become more addicted to than little plastic water bottles. Voila. The idea for our luxe little bkr was born.

Who do you design for?

We design for the girl who, when asked what she wants in life, answers “everything.” She’s effortless, but ever the lover of a quirky manicure. Her hair is messy, just so. She laughs an un-self-conscious laugh. She mixes vintage items, like high-waist denim shorts with Chanel booties. She’s an old soul, a little bit goofy and completely unpretentious. She’s tomboy-meets-Lolita. You see her at every art opening but she’s genuine and coy about her coolness. She sparkles.

 If you could describe your collection in just one word, what would it be?


Our customers love the affordability of the bkr bottles! What distinguishes bkr bottles from the Kanteens and Nalgenes out there?

Bkr is like the perfect t-shirt. It’s super-luxe and soft. It feels right and fits right, you can’t have just one. It’s effortless, versatile and it’s a staple. You just can’t help but fall in love with it.

In general, who do you think is more of a force in selling your product: celebrities carrying the bottles or average joes praising the product?

A sincere connection to bkr is what resonates with people. Love resonates, no matter who it comes from. And ultimately that’s the rocket fuel for our success.

Which makes you more tingly inside: seeing your bottles carried by celebrities or seeing your bottles carried on the streets?

They’re both honestly amazing. We’ve been known to stop strangers with bkrs when we see them. They’re usually as genuinely excited as we are when we ask about their bkr. It’s very cool to feel you’ve started a real movement, that you’ve created something and that people are really obsessed.

Have you met any of the celebs that have been noted to carry a bkr Bottle?

Once! We ran into a celebrity (a rock star) at a press conference and he randomly had a Fog bkr in front of him. He was so cute when we shyly asked him how he got his bkr. He said he and his girlfriend got them in LA and they were his favorite water bottles ever. 100% true story – do you die?!

What is the hardest part about launching a new business?

Probably the hardest thing to achieve is momentum. You can have a great idea, you can work until you’re falling over — you can build the best team with the most fabulous people. But it takes some real magic to gain momentum.

What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur? 

First, before anything, research your idea from every angle. Have a clear vision, believe absolutely in what you’re doing, and commit to it — but be willing to adjust quickly and without drama when you need to. Surround yourself with smart people who can do things you can’t. Don’t give up when someone tells you your idea is dumb. And don’t get cocky when someone tells you your idea is brilliant. Just focus and stay grounded. Your dumb idea may very well be the next big thing.

Describe the organizations/charities that the bkr bottles support.

It’s important to us that bkr gives back. What happens to one of us affects all. Bkr invests a portion of all proceeds in initiatives that combat the global water crisis, help in the fight against cancer and create change we believe in. We’ve partnered with two amazing organizations; Obakki Foundation and Canary Foundation. Obakki Foundation uses fashion and creative arts to raise money to bring water and education to people in Africa. They’ve drilled over 100 clean water wells in South Sudan. Canary Foundation is dedicated to the funding, discovery, and development of tests for early cancer detection.

And finally, who came up with those witty sayings on the special Valentine bkrs? (We love em!)

Tal did, with inspiration from some giggly late night calls with our hilarious, adorable creative team. Tal leads Creative at bkr and has both a good sense of fashion and a quick sense of humor. She’s never afraid to tell it like it is or take a risk.


WIN your very own VALENTINE bkr!!!


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40 Responses to WIN a Valentine bkr Bottle + Meet the bkr Creators @ The Trend Boutique!

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  2. Krista Mayne says:

    Love my new bkr bottle and plan to fill it with a little cocktail to share with my hubby of 22 years! We meet working on cruise ships from two different countries. Here we are now, two great kids later, finding ourselves empty nesters! #greatride #lovemylife

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  4. Linda Naugle says:

    My valentine is my wonderful husband and best friend. We have been married for 25 years, have two amazing kids and he does everything possible to make me happy!

  5. Dee Santucci says:

    My Valentine is my husband Tony. He has always been the strength in our family. I admire how he is tenacious. He never lets anything get him down. He adores our children and grandchildren.
    The most appealing thing for me is that he loved me enough to let me be me. Not many men, can do this. He is smart, funny and the best husband anyone could have. After 30 years, he will always be my one and only. Love you.

    Dee Santucci

  6. Devon Sandage says:

    Devon Sandage: My valentine is Pietro Shullani. He lives in Italy and I live in San Diego. I met him while working for the summer in Florence, Italy. We speak only in the language of love, Italian. He wakes up at 5am to talk to me since we have a 9 hour time difference. He is the sweetest and most honest man I’ve ever known and I love him. There is no one like him anywhere on this Earth. He’s everything you have ever wanted: the most beautiful man wherever he goes, all the woman stare at him and he only looks at me. My valentine is straight out of a princess tale.

  7. Sarah Snyder says:

    My Valentine is my fabulous husband. : ) -Sarah Snyder

  8. Cristina Cozzone says:

    My Valentine is my sweet soul mate. Brian does all the little (and big) things that make my life a bit easier. He is my super hero!

    Cristina Cozzone

  9. Have had a hard year but this Valentine I’m excited to spend time with family, particularly my outrageously adorable 1 1/2 year niece. I may no longer be able to have kids but she will fill that whole in MY heart bkr just perfectly.

  10. tina maria lavecchia says:

    i’m a subbie & i like you on facebook!

    my valentines (yes, i’m that lucky!) are my sister and my parents =) i can’t wait to cook a delicious meal and bake some amazing brownies for february 14th with them. thanks for this awesome giveaway & happy valentine’s day to you!

    -tina maria lavecchia

  11. Lynn Till says:

    My valentine is my hubby, just adore that creative hairy fellow ❤

  12. Lynda Symonds says:

    Name: Lynda Symonds

    My valentine is my wonderful husband of 25 years. I could not ask for a more supportive and loving man. He is my better half!

  13. Mallory Webster says:

    My valentine is my loving husband who selflessly takes care of our kids every day, so I can go to work. He puts everyone elses needs before him, and I am a lucky woman to have him!

  14. Sasha Chapman says:

    Sasha Chapman-
    My valentines are my boys- my two little ones and my hubby….they mean the world to me!

  15. Michelle Ozuna says:

    Name: Michelle Ozuna

    My Valentine is my niece because it’s her 10th birthday on Valentine’s Day!

  16. Krupa P. Patel says:

    My valentine will be my cutesy niece. She likes my cookies and cupcakes!

  17. Stacy Graves says:

    My Valentine is my husband of almost two years. We met when we were 16, and this Valentine’s day will be our 11 year anniversary! 🙂

  18. My valentines are my new family (my grad school friends) away from home. We will be making some cute homemade conversational heart cookies and having winesday!

  19. Charlotte Fixler says:

    My valentine and I are working hard to reduce and be more planet friendly – I would be soooo THRilled to win this adorable new bottle so I can look cute doing it 🙂

  20. clarissa ortiz says:

    I am my own fab valentine this year!

  21. Becky Conners says:

    name: becky conners

    valentine: my super awesome, snugly, hilarious, monster one year old wyatt p. (sorry honey)

  22. my valentine is my husband of a year and a half. last year we got matching marriage tattoos for valentine’s day…not sure what the plan is this year but i hope its just as awesome!

    -JoAnna Rogers

  23. Ashley Naugle says:

    Name: Ashley Naugle
    Valentine(s): I am lucky enough to have two valentines! My boyfriend who is just the greatest, and the most handsome golden retriever ever, Toby.

  24. Name: Victoria Song
    My valentine is my cat Tigger! He brightens my day!

  25. Monica Iron says:

    Monica Iron

    My valentine will be an amazing night of movies with my little sister. Family bonding is always nice! 😀

  26. Natalie Brentnall says:

    My Valentine is my husband. He makes my lunch and fills my BKR bottle to take to school every day!

  27. Christin says:

    Christin Schindewolf – my valentine is my bf!

  28. alexandra says:

    Alexandra ferreira
    My valentine is the most beautiful, genuine, kind and fun valentine ever!

  29. Toni Aguilar says:

    My valentine is my sweet, generous, loving boyfriend 😉 Couldn’t imagine a day without him….xoxoxox

  30. Sharon Haas says:

    My Valentines are my wonderful kids and grandkids!

  31. Sheila Yu says:

    My name is Sheila Yu.
    My Valentine this year is my best friend who lives 2,030 miles away from me.

  32. Abby Wahl says:

    My 2 valentines are my husband of 4 years and my gorgeous baby boy . They both warm my heart and put a smile on my face.

  33. Megan Nolan says:

    My sweet Valentine is my hot husband! I’m so excited for Valentine’s Day this year, it’ll be our first year together as husband and wife!

  34. Samantha Kaminski says:

    First/Last name: Samantha Kaminski

    This year I have two valentines 🙂 My husband, of which valentines day is not his favourite occasion, but will still make an effort and take me out shopping to buy something nice (he also hates shopping with me) 🙂 My second valentine is my 5month old baby boy whom I dont expect anything from except a big kiss and a gummy smile. ❤

  35. Alexis Thornton says:

    First&Last Name: Alexis Thornton
    My valentine is my 9 yr old son since this has been a tough year wit me finishing up my esthetics license he has shown me I can really depend on him and how much he appreciates me so this year he is my valentine my true love and I plan to show him a great time ❤❤❤

  36. Lea Greene says:

    First & Last Name: Lea Greene

    My valentine is my DVR stocked full of romance movies that I’ll be snuggled up watching all day long!

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  38. My Valentine is my doxie Belle who brings me joy every day of my life!

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