The Power of Photoshop Strikes Again @ The Trend Boutique!

Have you ever wondered what celebs would look like if they weren’t so glamorous and more “average Joe-y”? New York City artist, Danny Evans, had a little bit of time on his hands and took to Photoshop to transform iconic celebrities into overweight, double-chinned wonders. Thank you Mr. Evans for the mini personal ego-boost. But of course we remembered that it is fake and they are all in fact inherently smokin’ hot. Below you can enjoy some of our favorite transformations ☺

9_16blogpost_NormalCelebs_Aniston 9_16blogpost_NormalCelebs_Beckham 9_16blogpost_NormalCelebs_Beyonce 9_16blogpost_NormalCelebs_Kimye 9_16blogpost_NormalCelebs_Miley 9_16blogpost_NormalCelebs_PittJolie 9_16blogpost_NormalCelebs_rihanna 9_16blogpost_NormalCelebs_SJP


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