FESTIVAL TRENDS: Natalie B Handcrafted Wonders @ The Trend Boutique

It’s festival season and we’re knee-deep in boho-chic accessories, shorts, and dresses at The Trend Boutique. Natalie B Jewelry has blessed us with some AMAZING new pieces from their latest collection. Whether you’re trekking to the desert for Coachella or rocking at Lollapalooza over in Chi-town, these are must-have items to throw into your collection.

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  1. Two Raven Ring in Onyx
  2. Denali Dot Ring in Brass
  3. Loha Ring in Brass
  4. Kelsey Ring in Blue Lapis
  5. Serpent Ring in Silver
  6. Tibet Ring in Turquoise
  7. Denali Engraved Ring in Brass


  1. Spiritual Harmony Teardrop Necklace in Brass
  2. Haysa Necklace in Blue Lapis
  3. Chevry Necklace in Turquoise/Lapis
  4. Harlot Necklace in Silver & Brass
  5. Ashley Necklace in Brass


  1. Two Raven Cuff in Onyx
  2. Kaisa Cuff in Turquoise
  3. Ava Cuff in Blue Lapis
  4. Genessy Cuff in Silver
  5. Navajo Bracelet in Multi Bead

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