Trend Watchin’: Off-The-Shoulder Styles

One of our favorite go-to styles at The Trend Boutique is the cascading, off-the-shoulder blouse or pullover. Like every woman out there, we all have those days where that fitted tee just isn’t going to cut it and the loose-fitting blouse comes to our rescue. The draped over-the-shoulder look adds a little extra allure factor into every outfit ☺Shop these styles today!

  1. Wildfox Couture Valley Girls Classic Fox Beach Tee in Sunshine
  2. Rebel Yell 1978 BF Pullover in Tropical Green
  3. Jen’s Pirate Booty Seastar Mini in White
  4. Jen’s Pirate Booty Deco Senorita Tunic in Blush
  5. Blue Life Dagger Tee in Olive/Pink
  6. Nightcap Clothing Lace Poncho tee in Heather Grey
  7. Wildfox Couture Brat Pack 1991 Fleece Pullover in Pearl
  8. Chaser LA Eric Clapton Burnout Off-Shoulder Fleece in Concrete
  9. Free People Double V Tee in Washed Black
  10. Wildfox Cross Bones Unisex Tee in Heather Grey
  11. Blue Life V-Neck with Cocoon Sleeves in Heather Grey
  12. Blue Life Cut Up Pocket Bum Tee in White
  13. Chaser LA Our Lips Are Sealed Off-the-Shoulder Fleece Top
  14. Wildfox Born In The USA Harley Wide Tee in Heather Black
  15. Rebel Yell Smile Crop Sweatshirt in Heather White
  16. Blue Life Guardian Spirit Hoodie

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