Trust Us…They’re The Top 10 Essential Jewelry MUST-HAVES @ The Trend Boutique

We’ve done our research and it’s time that you ladies get your jewelry game on point. This season’s accessory essentials are grouped into 10 different must-have styles at The Trend Boutique. From beautifully crafted turquoise pieces to blinged out wonders, here are some of our best-sellers. Shop the styles today!

  1. The Statement Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner Large Swirly Initial Pendant Necklace in Yellow Gold
  2. A Pop of Color:Soixante Neuf Turquoise Vintage Horn Necklace in Malachite
  3. The Modern Cuff: House of Harlow 1960 14KT Gold-Plated Antiqued Arrow Cuff
  4. The Sparkling Stud: Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian Palladium Butterfly Stud Earrings
  5. The Layering Essential: Heather Gardner 5 Layer Large Crystal Boho Necklace in Gold Turquoise
  6. The Cocktail Ring ClassicHouse of Harlow 1960 14KT Gold Starburst Cocktail Ring with Abalone
  7. The Turquoise Wonder: Fox Charm Necklace with Turquoise Gem in Gold by Wildfox Couture Jewelry
  8. The Chandelier Earring: House of Harlow 1960 14KT Yellow Gold-Plated Feather Earrings with Crystals 
  9. The Everyday Ring: Low Luv by Erin Wasson Long Wood Ring with Ivory in Antiqued Yellow Gold
  10. The Trendy Headpiece: Hard Couture Gypsy Headpiece in Gold

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1 Response to Trust Us…They’re The Top 10 Essential Jewelry MUST-HAVES @ The Trend Boutique

  1. Britni Rose says:

    I want all of them. Except the butterfly earrings. I’m not into butterflies, dragonflies, dolphins, etc. And I’m not too big on silver. All the others are must haves though! Especially the Low Luv ring, the headpiece, and (obviously) the HoH stuff.

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