Biker Glam @ The Trend Boutique

Calling all tough girls! Fashion isn’t all about pink and frills, so don’t run off in fear. For us, there’s nothing better than the image of hopping on a Harley and conquering the road while wearing a ripped band tee, a leather jacket and laced boots. Inhale that bike exhaust, bring out your inner wild child and go crazy with the chains and leather.

1. Chaser LA Watercolors Skulls Boxy Dolman Sleeve Tee in White
2. Chaser LA Family Dog Prominent Apache Muscle Tee in Black
3. Chaser LA We The People Boxy Burnout Tee in White

1. Chaser LA Eagle Splatter Cropped Muscle Tee in Cream
2. Chaser LA Megadeth Killing is My Business Tee in Streaky Grey
3. Chaser LA Grateful Dead Skull and Roses Boxy Tee in Vintage White

1. Chaser LA American Rebel Muscle Tee in Black
2. Chaser LA REO Speedwagon High Infidelity Muscle Tee in Pigment Black

1. Wildfox Couture Wild Thing Over-sized Hoodie in Clean Black
2. Wildfox Couture Louisiana Roadtrip Sweater in Black Iceberg
3. Wildfox Couture I Love Metal Crop Jock in Clean Black

1. Doma Leather Moto Biker Hooded Bomber Jacket in Black
2. Doma Moto Biker Hoodie Jacket in Black

1. LnA Olivia Ripped Gathered Bottom Leggings in Black Licorice
2. LnA Olivia Thrashed Gathered Bottom Leggings in Noir

1. Rebecca Minkoff Lovespell Crossbody Fringe Rocker in Black Cat
2. Rebecca Minkoff Lovespell Crossbody Bag in Black Cat

1. JJ Winters Leather Fringe Chain Bag in Black
2. JJ Winters Leather Zipper Bag in Black

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