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Tired of being just another face in the crowd? Sick of being a wallflower? I think it’s time we help you change up your wardrobe a bit. Don’t worry, you’ll be thanking us later when you’re the center of attention and snatching up every attractive male within a ten mile radius. In the 80’s, it was all about neon. The louder, the better. Dismal colors were thrown out the window and replaced with blinding brights. Guys and gals everywhere couldn’t stay away from the craze, and who could blame them? Decades later, the fashion world is still neon-crazy and the runways are brimming over with vivid and flashy colors. The flashiness may have been over-the-top for some and was reserved for colorful costumes such as the ones worn for Mardi Gras. But the trend slowly but surely made its way to the streets and can be seen in most casual wear. LA fashion welcomes neon with open arms and every fashionista now demands some brightness in their wardrobe. TTB is crazy about brights and there’s nothing we want more than to add a little color to your life!

It’s all about bright colors, ladies. Slip into something loud and get in touch with your wild side because we know she’s in there somewhere. Why blend in when you should be standing out?

1. Wildfox Malibu Girl Crew Neck
2. Naven Party Dress in Pop Pink
3. Boulee Ciara Dress in Fuchsia
4. Wildfox Peace Mega Babe Tank
5. Ramona LaRue Ali Silk Short Jumper in Hot Pink

1. Blue Life Departure Top in Creamsicle
2. Rebel Yell Smile Romper in Neon Yellow
3. Wildfox Yes Please Off-The-Shoulder Sweatshirt Flash Dance in Neon Pink
4. Rebel Yell Bonjour Raw Football Tee in Neon Blue
5. Blue Life Weekender Dress in Peach
6. Wildfox Love Bones Over-sized Hoodie in Neon Orange
7. Love Quotes Citron Scarf

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