The Trend Boutique Gals+Halston Heritage+SJP=CHAOS!

The day we received our shipment of the Halston Heritage Starburst Pleated Gown, which SJP wore to the 2010 Met Gala, was freaking sensational!

When the dress arrived at our warehouse, Nika (TTB’s Fulfillment Manager) was the first to get her pretty little hands on it. As she lifted the dress out of the box, a shriek was heard from across the room. It was Razieh (TTB’s Warehouse Assistant), unable to disguise her excitement.

With the precious package in hand, Nika then glided across the office and gently laid the plastic bag onto our 8ft long conference table. As she carefully peeled away the protective sheeting, a square inch of the rose gold silk was exposed and Razieh passed out; the excitement had weakened her fashion-frenzied heart. As Lanie (TTB’s Customer Service Manager), swept Razieh aside with her foot to get a better look, a burst of LA sunshine streamed through the window pane and met the dress across the room with a long awaited hug. The rose gold colored silk shimmered in the sunlight and lit up the office with sparkly specs of gold dust!

We all stood around the conference table, mesmerized by the dress as it lay there, bashfully basking in its glory. There were no words, just sighs. When Razieh finally came to, the moment had finally begun to pass as our grins of happiness were replaced with grimaces of envy towards the lucky girl who had ordered the dress. And to make us feel even worse…the dress was a size 2. We secretly hate you, our size 2 wearing—Halston Heritage affording customer. But we love you for having such impeccable taste! ❤

After seeing,  feeling and hugging the Halston Heritage Pleated Gown—we have made a vow: to wear a ball gown at least once a month! Anyone having a wedding or gala anytime soon, that they’ll invite us to?

Here are some more gorgeous gowns in case you have a special event coming up:

Nightcap Clothing Moon Gown in Charcoal

Nightcap Clothing Birkin Gown in White

Halston Heritage Long Wrap Dress in Berry

Jen's Pirate Booty Spotlight Kaftan in White

Winter Kate Limited Edition Glamour Dress

Rubber Ducky Eva Longoria Dress

Winter Kate Kimono Dress in Grey Floral

American Gold-White Winged Dove Dress

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