Celebs & Their Fave Printed Looks From The Trend Boutique!

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1. Winter Kate 2. Lotta Sensson 3.Winter Kate 4. Tolani 5. Blu Moon

Don’t get lost in the crowd; demand a second glance by wearing some daring patterns. The bolder the print the better! You know you looooove being the center of attention, so why not let The Trend Boutique help you get noticed? Prints can be intimidating and most stylists will tell you that only a few blessed beauties can pull it off. But don’t let the naysayers bring you down. Prints can be a pleasureful experience for the eye.

Just remember a few simple rules:

  • Never print yourself head to toe; choose one piece in your outfit.

  • If you’re wearing a printed outfit, keep the accessories simple.

  • Stick to one type of print at a time.

You can also use prints to create illusions that can help flatter your body type. If you’re bottom-heavy, bring attention to your top half by wearing a printed top, but wearing a solid color bottom (vice versa for top-heavy gals).

Bottom line: If in doubt, keep it simple…unless this is the look you’re going for!

Nicki Minaj-Grammys 2011

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2 Responses to Celebs & Their Fave Printed Looks From The Trend Boutique!

  1. dcmaxqueen says:

    lol I just did a huge Grammy fashion post on my blog, I don’t want to see another picture of reverse Bride of Frankentein hair again EVER.

    I love all of the pieces in this post! That never happens. lol

  2. laura Belle Cheney says:

    i am LOVING the Aztec blue moon cantina skirt..i so want it..totally boho chic..

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