Brand New Local Celebrity: UNDER $40 SALE @ The Trend Boutique!

Represent your amazing personality with these quirky and fun-loving tees exclusively from Local Celebrity available at The Trend Boutique! Until midnight tonight, enjoy a special 20% OFF all new arrival styles. From llama love to coffee addictions, we’ve got the special tees made especially for you. 


  1. Local Celebrity Selfie Muscle Tee in Heather Grey
  2. Local Celebrity Como Se Llama Schiffer Tee in Pool
  3. Local Celebrity Como Se Llama Schiffer Tee in Heather Grey
  4. Local Celebrity Husband Beater Karson Tank in Black
  5. Local Celebrity Scream for Coffee Karson Tank in Electric Blue
  6. Local Celebrity Nap Muscle Tee in Black

Enter Code at Checkout:


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