Damn, Rihanna WINS Vogue @ The Trend Boutique

Fashion’s most bold celeb model lands her third cover with Vogue magazine and we’re in awe! Rihanna stuns in next month’s Spring issue and showcases looks inspired by every arena in fashion. From goth to street chic, she definitely hones in on her chameleon ways. Recreate her looks at The Trend Boutique with pieces that channel her style perfectly ☺

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  1. Nightcap Clothing Tribal Fringe Tunic in White *SALE*
  2. Nightcap Clothing Serape Cover Up in White
  3. Rails Dana Buttondown Shirt in Navy/White
  4. Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt in Green/White
  5. Lovers + Friends Always Sequin Pants in Midnight
  6. Lovers + Friends Can’t Wait Wildcat Baseball Jacket in Black
  7. Luv AJ Chainmaille Fringe Necklace in Brass Ox
  8. Luv AJ Sheet Metal Fringe Cuff in Brass Ox

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