MAGAZINE MAYHEM: November 2013 @ The Trend Boutique

Happy November! The end of the year is near and we’re super excited to close it out in style. This month’s magazine covers showcase amazing new Fall trends that we’re definitely obsessing about. Shop the styles today and receive an EXTRA 40% Off ALL Sale! Vote for your favorite cover below ☺


Make Jennifer Lawrence’s Look Happen: Lovers + Friends Fairytale Maxi Dress in Polka Dot Black


Make Demi Lovato’s Look Happen: Selima Galagos Hat in Navy


Make Katy Perry’s Look Happen: Wildfox Couture Wildfox 83 Evening Long Sleeve Crew in Barefoot


Make Natalie Portman’s Look Happen: Doma Vintage Cropped Moto Jacket in Black


Make Scarlett Johansson’s Look Happen: Vanessa Mooney ‘Fight the Power’ Rings in Silver

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