The Short Report @ The Trend Boutique

Bust out your favorite pair of shorts and wear ’em ALL SUMMER LONG! The Trend Boutique has the latest trends in cut-offs that will upgrade your shorts game to the fullest. Pair with a Wildfox tee or your go-to blouse to complete the look!


  1. Hawks High-Waisted Shorts in Fiction
  2. Croc Bonita Cropped Shorts in Hunger
  3. Aztec Trashwhores Cropped Shorts in Red
  4. Booty Bloomers in Natural
  5. Vintage Tapestry Drawstring Shorts in Sandwash
  6. Camilla Shorts in It’s Magic
  7. Madeleine Cut-Off Jean Shorts in Charm
  8. Camilla Cut-Off Jean Shorts in Wonder
  9. Printed Lila Shorts *SALE*
  10. Dani Track Shorts in Vintage Denim
  11. Dani Track Shorts in White Lace
  12. Friday Night Cutoff Shorts in Canyon Coral
  13. Friday Night Cutoff Shorts in Clear Pool
  14. Friday Night Cutoff Shorts in Ghost Nude

About The Trend Boutique

The Trends You Want To Wear, From Today's Hottest Designers!
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