NOW TRENDIN’: Punchy Pendants @ The Trend Boutique

Although we are big fans of intricately layering our dainty necklaces, celebrities have been stepping out in bold and adventurous statement pieces that we adore! Unique pendant charms add flare to any outfit and The Trend Boutique has all the latest styles that celebs are rockin’!


  1. Heather Gardner Jewelry Boho Tusk Necklace in Gold
  2. Heather Gardner Gold Wrapped Tusk Necklace in Turquoise
  3. Soixante Neuf Turquoise Vintage Horn Necklace in Malachite
  4. House of Harlow 1960 Heart Scarab Necklace in Gold
  5. Chibi Jewels Large Tribal Crescent Necklace in Brass
  6. Vanessa Mooney Mystic Tiger Necklace in Brass
  7. Dallas and Carlos Dal Initial Neckace in Gold
  8. A Sweet Touch of Hope by Simone I. Smith Crystal Necklace in Rose

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