WOWZA The SI Models Have Arrived @ The Trend Boutique

The glorious Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit edition hit the newsstands and Kate Upton (with her huge knockers!) flooded our social media feeds making us think twice about downing our after-work beer. If that didn’t make you crunch a little harder that night, the inner magazine photos sure did. From the beautiful Chrissy Teigen to the voluptuous Genevieve Morton, they all rocked the Stone Fox Swim collection now available at The Trend Boutique!



Chrissy Teigen in Wren Top Tucker Bottoms in Dream On

1. Jen’s Pirate Booty Romance Uneven Skirt in Natural

2. BKR Silicone + Glass Water Bottle in Kitsch

3. Pura Vida Sand Between the Toes Style Pack

4. TKEES Foundations Flip Flop in Sunkissed


Genevieve Morton in Wren Top + Tucker Bottoms in Pastel Tribal

1.  Wildfox Sun Juliet Frame in Cream

2. Wildfox Couture Friday Night Cutoff Shorts in Ghost Nude

3. TKEES Shadows Flip Flop in Frosty Grey

4. BKR Silicone + Glass Water Bottle in Pop


Kate Bock in Wren Top + Tucker Bottoms in Mamaba

1. BKR Silicone + Glass Water Bottle in Velvet

2. Lovely Bird San Miguel Fedora with Navajo Trim in Rust

3. TKEES Highlighter Flip Flop in Blink

4. Chibi Jewels Bracelets


Genevieve Morton in Fallon Top Roxin Bottoms in Feathers

1. Nightcap Clothing Gauze Beach Cover in White *SALE*

2. Heather Gardner Land & Sea Arrowhead Necklace in Gold

3. BKR Silicone + Glass Water Bottle in Pop

4. TKEES Foundations Flip Flop in Cocobutter


Kate Bock in Wren Top  + Mason Bottoms in Wild Heart

1. Jen’s Pirate Booty Angel Wing Kaftan in Wild Orchid

2. BKR Silicone + Glass Water Bottle in Night

3. Rose Pierre Banyan Tree Bark Cigar Ring in Gold

4. TKEES Liners Flip Flop in Sable


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