California Love @ The Trend Boutique

The gals of TTB are fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful states in the U.S., California. Watching sunsets at the beach, the perfect weather, a fashion epicenter, and great eateries are easy to find along the pacific coast. Not only that, we have national state parks, like the Redwood Forest, that bring us closer to nature. If you are a Cali-native or just have a love for nature, the California Environmental Legacy Project is a great organization that builds public understanding about the deep connections we have with the outside lands: locally and throughout the world. Support the push for a better sustainable future by representing the place we call home: Cali’ baby! Shop these styles today:

  1. Cali 3/4 Sleeve Tee in Periwinkle Gray
  2. CA is For Lovers Boyfriend Cut Off Top
  3. Venice Beach V-Neck Tee
  4. Life’s A Beach Low V-Neck Tee in White
  5. Airbrushed Hearts Romper in Black
  6. Beach Bum Muscle Top in White
  7. CA Bear Ringer Ringer Tee in Bubblegum White
  8. California Destroyed V-Tee in White


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