Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board @ The Trend Boutique

If you were even remotely cool circa 1996, The Craft was THE movie to watch at any slumber party. Witchcraft, Neve Campbell, and goth-like fashion were all in full-effect in the 90s and this creepy movie was all that wrapped in one. Plus, we all tried to get a friend to float “light as a feather, stiff as a board” in the air at least one time when we were kids and don’t lie, we know you did. As unsuccessful as The Gals of TTB were at levitation, we hope you had better luck. With Halloween just around the corner, get your witch gear in check with these styles from The Trend Boutique.

(P.S. Witches if you’re out there, hope all is well. Oh yeah, and please don’t curse us, we come in peace ☺) 

  1. Wildfox Over-Sized It’s Witch Craft Tee in Clean White
  2. American Gold Sacred Heart Crochet Maxi in Black **SALE**
  3. Wildfox Couture Cat Face Lennon Sweater in Grey Gardens
  4. American Gold Jupiter Rising Mini Dress **SALE**
  5. Luv AJ Carved Talon Bracelet in Copper Ox
  6. Luv AJ Pyramid Stud Bodychain in Light Copper Ox
  7. Luv AJ Crystal Cross Ear Cuff in Copper Ox
  8. For Love & Lemons El Diablo Blouse in Black
  9.  The Spell Voodoo Turquoise Skull Necklace in Gold **SALE**
  10. Spell Bone & Tassel Bag in Black

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