Trend Watchin’: WTF Collection of Shoes

After stumbling upon this “Scary Beautiful” Shoe by René van den Berg and artist Leanie van der Vyver yesterday, we were curious to see what other wild and ostentatious shoe collections there were in the world. And boy, did we discover A LOT. Our jaws dropped at the craziness of these pieces existing in the fashion world, which one is your “not-so-fave”?

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7 Responses to Trend Watchin’: WTF Collection of Shoes

  1. Helen says:

    The Iris ones just creep me out! 😉

  2. Britni Rose says:

    Blech, I’ve seen the annejet ones before and all I can think of is how effed up her toenail is. BLECH.

  3. Reblogged this on Revolution Starts Here and commented:
    Absoultely Gorgeous Shoes!!

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