Express Yourself @ The Trend Boutique

Let your wardrobe do the talking for you. The Trend Boutique is stocked with a variety of statement-making pieces that expresses whatever mood you’re in that day. From personalized bracelets or flashy screen-printed tees, be loud in your very own way ☺

  1.  Jennifer Zeuner Swirly Initial Engraved Medal Necklace in Yellow Gold
  2. Dallas and Carlos Vincenzo Bracelet in Black/Gold
  3. Rebel Yell Born to Party Racerback Tank Tunic in Periwinkle
  4. Rebel Yell Hi Boyfriend Cut-Off Top
  5. Local Celebrity Gangster Crawford Lounger in Black
  6. Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian Palladium Love Bracelet **SALE**
  7. Wildfox I Need Coffee Cutoff Tank in Cake
  8. Wildfox I’m in Love Baggy Beach Jumper
  9. Jagger Edge Expressions F.U.C.K iPhone Cover in Hot Aqua
  10. Jagger Edge Expressions L.O.V.E iPhone Cover in Hot Pink

About The Trend Boutique

The Trends You Want To Wear, From Today's Hottest Designers!
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