The Morning After Never Looked So GOOD @ The Trend Boutique

20% smaller but 100% sexier. Rebecca Minkoff has reinvented the Morning After Bag in 5 luscious colors and transformed it into a mini-version of her famous accessory. This perfect ‘ready-to-go’ purse is roomy enough to hold your everyday essentials and includes a classic leather shoulder strap for that extra support. We’ve paired the M.A.B mini with our favorite We Are Owls Scarves to set you with a one-two combo this Fall.

M.A.B Mini in Black x  Afterlife Scarf in Red

M.A.B Mini in VanillaFatal Scarf in Light Blue

M.A.B Mini in SmokeTulips Scarf in Blue

 M.A.B Mini in Burgundy x Odile Scarf in Ivory

M.A.B Mini in RoyalOwl Cage in Grey

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