Your Trusty Satchel is at The Trend Boutique ☺

Summer is ending and school will be back in session before you know it. Womp womp woooomppp. We kid, the first day of school is always exciting! Now is the time to find that perfect book bag that will last you all year. The Trend Boutique has an awesome collection of must-have handbags that will keep you organized and prepared every day of the week. Start the school year off in flying colors with these essential styles.

  1. Linea Pelle Medium Dylan Leather Zip Tote in Gunmetal Violet
  2. Tylie Malibu Kansa Crazy Horse Tote in Black
  3. Foley + Corinna E/W Tote in Goldstone
  4. Will Leather Goods La Manta Messenger Bag in Olive
  5. Cleobella Ikat Tribal Backpack in Chocolate
  6. Will Leather Goods La Manta Mini Messenger Bag
  7. JJ Winters Suede Fringe Bag in Turquoise
  8. Will Leather Goods Helmut Bag in Navy
  9. Linea Pelle Dylan Leather Zip Tote
  10. Will Leather Goods Claude Drawstring Backpack in Tobacco
  11. Thursday Friday Diamond Together Bag in Cognac **SALE**
  12. Tylie Malibu Sub Terra Satchel in Olive
  13. House of Harlow 1960 Jolie Bag in Taupe Burnout **SALE**
  14. Will Leather Goods Oaxacan Postal Bag in Grey

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