Transform yourself into a full-fledged fashionista in these wonderful Winter Kate by Nicole Richie designs that are now on sale at The Trend Boutique. Mirror her style with these ethereal, flowing pieces and unique prints. These best-sellers are must-have wardrobe pieces! Shop your favorites today ☺

Winter Kate Kala Skirt in Printed Rose

Winter Kate Avanti Bed Jacket in Magenta

Winter Kate Racer Tank in Mint Ivory

Winter Kate Snow Fairy Dress

Winter Kate Printed Lila Shorts

Winter Kate Nisha Maxi in Black

Winter Kate Jezbaa Dress in SeedPearl

Winter Kate Devi Bed Jacket in SeedPearl

Winter Kate Pushpa Blouse in Natural Beige

Winter Kate Kamala Dress in Burnt Ochre

Winter Kate Passenger Dress in Hibiscus Floral Print

Winter Kate Kamakura Kimono Maxi Dress

Winter Kate Cooper Top in Black Multi

Winter Kate Clementine Cami in Black

Winter Kate Riya Dress

Winter Kate Padma Dress in Burgundy Print

Winter Kate Printed Neela Romper in Multi Print

Winter Kate Jaya Dress in Tangerine Rose

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