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Back in the 80s, Madonna caused a ruckus when she introduced the world to a little ‘ol style we like to call the “crop top” in her music video for “Lucky Star.” The cut-off craze became a popular trend during the wild aerobic phase (which we’d all like to forget) and has stood the stand of time. Some of our favorite brands at The Trend Boutique have created the perfect styles to rock this summer And because we appreciate your support for TTB, use the code below at check out to save 20% off your order today!

  1. For Love & Lemons Chevy Tank in Ivory
  2. For Love & Lemons Fiesta Tank in Floral
  3. For Love & Lemons Tour Bus Tank in Black Floral
  4. For Love & Lemons Pacifico Crop Top in Black
  5. For Love & Lemons Cabana Crop in Ivory

  1. Wildfox Couture Howdy Cropped Tank in Clean White
  2. Wildfox Couture Make Love Festival Fringe Tee in Free Love Red
  3. Wildfox Couture Valley Girls Classic Fox Beach Tee in Sunshine
  4. Wildfox Couture No. 9 Cropped Tank in Malibu Pink
  5. Wildfox Couture Crush Billy Cropped Sweater in Clean Black

  1. Rebel Yell Unruly Cropped Tee in Heather Gray
  2. Rebel Yell Rock Steady Boyfriend Cropped Tee in White
  3. Rebel Yell Lightning Boyfriend Cropped Tee in Heather Gray
  4. Rebel Yell 1978 Football Boyfriend Cropped Tee in Red
  5. Rebel Yell Eagle Boyfriend Cropped Tee in White

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