The Interview @ The Trend Boutique

So you’ve done it. You’ve showed college who’s boss and earned your well-deserved degree ☺ Hats off to you! Now it’s all about nailing the highly anticipated (but also dreaded!) interview. Step into the longest 20 minutes of your life in impressive fashion. The Trend Boutique has put together 5 looks that are sure to make the big interview day less of a stress-mess. Hold your head up high champ and strengthen that handshake, YOU’VE GOT THIS!

  1. Charlotte Ronson Floral Keyhole Dress in Russian Blue
  2. Low Luv by Erin Wasson Key Wrap Cuff
  3. We Are Owls Fatal Scarf in Light Blue

  1. Winter Kate Lakshimi Blouse
  2. Vanessa Mooney Riot Necklace in Antiqued Gold
  3. Paper Crown Twain Maxi Skirt in Pewter

  1. Winter Kate Barbary Kimono Jacket in Multi Print
  2. Love Heals Mountain Necklace in Dark Brown
  3. Gypsy 05 Haley Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Black

  1. Winter Kate Riya Dress
  2. Pencey V Blazer in Cream
  3. Foley + Corinna Corinna Day Shopper Tote in Bittersweet Combo

  1. Siwy Marielle Chino Pants
  2. Winter Kate Ginger Cardigan in Willow
  3. Will Leather Goods Oaxacan Postal Bag in Grey

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