Be The Rave @ The Trend Boutique

The lights, the atmosphere, the people, the sound. Revelers are making the trek out to Las Vegas this weekend for the Electric Daisy Carnival. The world’s top DJ’s will be out there providing these raving maniacs (maniacs in a good way of course ☺) one hell of an “unce-unce” marathon. Every individual experiences their own little adventure at a rave, and always in unique style. It’s a movement to express your individuality in eccentric colors and costumes. Try out these styles today!

  1. Wildfox Couture Valley Girls Classic Fox Beach Tee in Sunshine
  2. Wildfox Couture Make Love Festival Fringe Tee in Free Love Red
  3. Rebel Yell Smile Romper in Neon Yellow 
  4. House of Harlow 1960 14KT Gold Feather Stations Necklace
  5. Naven Skinny Mini Skirt in Pop Pink 
  6. Sauce Mickey Ear Hat in Black
  7. Luv AJ Crystal Chunk Knucklebuster in Antiqued Gold
  8. Wildfox Friday Night Cutoff Shorts in Cobalt Blue
  9. Hard Couture Gypsy Headpiece in Gold

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