Your Pastel Palette @ The Trend Boutique

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom on the East coast and the grass is a bit greener here in the West. Tis the season to get in touch with your softer, feminine side when it comes to springtime fashions. Subtle tones and floral prints are essential closet staples. Shop your favorite styles at The Trend Boutique today!

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  1. Keepsake Lost Without You Dress in Spearmint
  2. Wildfox Couture Lucky Manhattan Cardigan in Georgia Peach
  3. Motel Rocks Goldie Bodycon Dress in Periwinkle Hexagon Mesh
  4. Wildfox Couture Friday Night Cutoff Shorts in Clear Pool
  5. Love Quotes Knotted Fringe Scarf in Angel
  6. Wildfox Heart Locket Necklace with Pearls & Charms in Gold
  7. Wildfox Couture Desert Snow Coyote Maxi Skirt in Rose

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