Peek-A-Boo: A Look Inside The Trend Boutique

Take a little peek into the lives of the TTB Gals and learn more about the trend watchin’ ladies via their funky office space. Located in the ♥ of Downtown Los Angeles, we invite our loyal blog followers inside our quaint little spot…

Our beloved “PO Corner”: Where we keep customer pre-orders nice & tidy ☺

Big Yellow, Our wonderful map of Los Angeles, & our Paper Clip birds

We ♥ vintage decorations!

Where your fave TTB Blogger, Justine, conjures up ideas.

Our Treasured Pin boards: We’ve got a Cat Lover, a Bow Lover, and an überly-organized Office Manager on deck!

Our Assistant Warehouse Manager, Lily, LOVES sandwiches and this is her fabulous sandwich board ☺

Racks on Racks on RACKS!

Shipping all over the world.

The backside of the office.

Our awesome package inserts… How many do you have?

About The Trend Boutique

The Trends You Want To Wear, From Today's Hottest Designers!
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6 Responses to Peek-A-Boo: A Look Inside The Trend Boutique

  1. Charlotte says:

    i remember coming down to the office once to buy a spirit hood! i really appreciated you letting me come to check it out. i think it was over a year ago at this point, but it’s still the cutest office i’ve seen 🙂

  2. Thank you a lot for sharing these pictures ❤

  3. rockingcloset says:

    this is a nice place to work!

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