Don’t Forget About Mom! @ The Trend Boutique

Sure, Mother’s Day is still weeks away and there’s no reason to bog your mind with unnecessary “to-do” things as of yet… but think again. There’s nothing that will make your mother’s smile shine brighter than the sun like a thoughtful, personalized gift. Take the time to order the woman who gave you life a special token of appreciation via Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry at The Trend Boutique. Each piece is uniquely made and personalized. Shop your favorite silver or gold styles today as it takes up to 6 weeks for the item to be completed!

  1. Jennifer Zeuner Cursive Nameplate Necklace
  2. Jennifer Zeuner Large Swirly Initial Pendant Necklace
  3. Jennifer Zeuner Hanging Love Necklace in Gold
  4. Jennifer Zeuner Swirly Initial Engraved Medal Necklace
  5. Jennifer Zeuner Addison Cursive Love Bracelet
  6. Jennifer Zeuner Large Cursive Initial Bracelet
  7. Jennifer Zeuner Integrated Initial Bangle

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