Personalize Your OWN Wildfox Daydream T’s @ The Trend Boutique

Wildfox Couture designers, Kimberley and Emily, take on a special twist with their new Daydream T’s Collection featured at The Trend Boutique. The limited edition t-shirts of the designers personal photos, paintings, inspiration and  favorite animals showcase a little part of their lives. “The Daydream T’s are a special collection of our favorite things, my paintings, her loves, and some of our photographs. We left them white so that you can partake in the imagination process and hand dye them yourselves,” Kimberely explains. Below is a step-by-step process on how to successfully dye your very own tee ☺

  1. Wildfox Couture Gemma Gaga Daydream Tee in Clean White
  2. Wildfox Couture I Love Los Angeles Rip Back Tee in Clean White
  3. Wildfox Couture Black Stallion Box Tee in Clean White
  4. Wildfox Couture Hunt Box Tee in Clean White
  5. Wildfox Couture Camp Nowhere Rip Back Tee in Clean White

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