It’s Inevitable… Cupid’s Coming! @ The Trend Boutique

Some people dread the day and some people love the day, whatever boat you fall in you might as well embrace the ever so imminent Valentine’s Day ♥ Go ahead and let his arrow strike you on your ass… but make sure that it’s in style. Rock these lovely V-Day inspired pieces from The Trend Boutique





  1. Wildfox I Love You Baggy Beach Jumper in Clean White
  2. Wildfox Crush On You Oversized Crew Neck Tee in Clean White
  3. Wildfox Lipstick Traces Scarf in Clean Black
  4. Jennifer Zeuner Katy Boy Girl Kissing Necklace in Gold
  5. Rebel Yell Love Skinny V-Tee in Black
  6. Wildfox Untamed Heart Bo Derek One Piece in Clean Black
  7. Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Bag with Strap
  8. Blu Moon Heart Sunglasses in Black
  9. Jennifer Zeuner Addison Cursive Love Bracelet in Silver 
  10. Wildfox Couture Neon Heart Crop Top in Clean White

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