Commit in Style @ The Trend Boutique

After the popping of the endless bottles of champagne, past the dropping of the New Year’s Eve Ball, wayyyyyy after the nasty hangover… you are left with a resolution to make. 2011 was wonderful, but 2012 is about to bring the funk, so why not embrace it with welcoming arms. Commit yourself to a resolution to better yourself and those around you. The Trend Boutique is all about spreading the love and doing things that make you happy.

Here are our top resolutions for the New Year &  the outfits to go with them!

Lovers + Friends Sway Dress in Rosegold Sequins

Wildfox Couture Imagine Penny Lane Sweater in Blue Jean

Wildfox Couture Sparkling Smile Woodstock Poncho in Cream

Rebel Yell Music is My Heart Boyfriend Tee in Creme

Wildfox I’m in Love Baggy Beach Jumper

Spell Crown Headband

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