How To Wear: The Maxi Skirt @ The Trend Boutique

Here at The Trend Boutique we find inspiration on the hottest trends in the Hollywood scene from our dearest fashion forward celebrities. They give us ideas on how to wear our favorite pieces in a manner that exudes style and grace. This week’s trend is the always comfortable, maxi skirt. From Gwen Stefani to Vanessa Hudgens, we can take this look and transform it from rocker chic to boho couture. Find your style match today ☺

  1. Tolani Elephant Print Maxi Skirt, as seen on Vanessa Hudgens, wears the style with feather accessories.
  2. Whitney Eve ASO Knot Front Maxi Skirt in Black worn and designed by Whitney Port, fancies it up with a sparkly loose fitting top and a killer wedge.
  3. Michelle Jonas Long Hippie Skirt in White, worn by Kristin Cavallari, keeps it simple with a matching top and flip flops.
  4. Winter Kate Health Long Skirt in Floral Print, as seen on Minka Kelly, is accessorized with some Ugg boots and a basic tank.
  5. Paper Crown Twain Maxi Skirt in Navy Garden Bloom, worn and designed by Lauren Conrad, is paired with a cardigan and a tucked in top.
  6. Winter Kate Health Long Skirt in Red Floral Print, as seen on Gwen Stefani, is combined with a jean jacket for a more casual look.
  7. Kettle Black Papersack Skirt in Pinstripe, as seen on Kate Hudson, takes the style and makes it more beach friendly with a long cardigan and sandals.

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2 Responses to How To Wear: The Maxi Skirt @ The Trend Boutique

  1. Britni Rose says:

    UGH. LOVE. I love every single one of these looks.

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