Good Riddance From The Trend Boutique

Say “bye- bye,” “hasta luego,” “smell you later,” to EVERYTHING that made you blue in 2011. December 28 is declared by The Times Square Alliance as “Good Riddance Day;” the day that “bad memories will be destroyed.” Hundreds of people will gather in Times Square in New York today to write their goodbyes on pieces of paper that will eventually be shredded to make our beloved toilet paper. Fitting to say the least. Strip yourself clean from the doo doo that was brought upon you this year. The Trend Boutique has garnered up a collection of this year’s ultimate fashion disasters and may we banish it away from 2012! Who do you think was the worst dressed in 2011?

Rihanna in a Cotton Candy Fiasco

Kristen Stewart sporting the Black Bra & White Shirt combo

Jared Leto Dripping in Red

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen in Somber Tones

Heidi Klum with Pantsuit Fever

Emma Watson in Excess Fabric

Kim Kardashian in a Plaid War with Stringy Shoes

Nicki Minaj in a Harajuku Mess

Lindsay Lohan in Pale Central

Lady Gaga with Trashbag Hat & Leather Shorts

Madonna & Lourdes Leon in Mom and Daughter Disaster

Fergie in an Intense Sweater Dress

Lil Wayne in Animal Print Jeggings

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in BF/GF Matching Outfits

Katie Perry in an Evergreen Mess

Khloe Kardashian in Borderline Cameltoe Pants

Princess Beatrice and her Interesting Hat

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