Never Forget How You Started… @ The Trend Boutique

We all dread our old yearbook photos…especially when you turn into a super celebrity. But, what’s not to love about the photos below? It shows the down-to-earth roots of our favorite Trend Boutique gals ☺ Plus, look how far they’ve grown from the poofy hairspray fiasco that they rocked years ago! Click on the photos below to shop their updated look and tell us… who’s your fave celebrity transformation?

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Nicole Richie in House of Harlow 1960 Brass Seven-Strand Head Piece

Angelina Jolie in Michelle Jonas Long Hippie Dress in Black

Amanda Seyfried in Rebel Yell Bonjour V-Neck Football Tee

Ashley Tisdale in Boys + Arrows Helen the Hussie Bandeau with Hardware in Arrow Feather

Beyoncé in Wildfox Love is Everything Crew Neck Tee in Clean White

Britney Spears in Koolaburra Veleta Wedge Heel Boot in Chestnut

Eva Longoria in Heartloom Britt Dress in Gunmetal

Katy Perry in Wildfox Tiger Tiger Crop Top in Dirty White

Ke$ha in Spirit Hoods Leopard

Kim Kardashian in Belle Noel 14KT Gold Honey Hexagon Hoop Earrings

Megan Fox in Chaser LA Marky Ramone Destroyed Raglan in Pigment Black

Mila Kunis in Lauren Moshi Jordan Mickey Mouse Pullover Sweatshirt

Paris Hilton in House of Harlow 1960 14KT Gold Tribal Cuff in Turquoise

Taylor Swift in Jennifer Zeuner Large Swirly Initial Pendant Necklace in Yellow Gold

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4 Responses to Never Forget How You Started… @ The Trend Boutique

  1. wtff says:

    Taylor looks the same lol then again that’s 16 year old taylor and 18 year old taylor, only 2 year difference

  2. Pingback: Lauren Moshi Jordan Mickey Pullover

  3. Oh my hell, Kesha looks completely different!!

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