The Trend Boutique Wishes Britney Spears a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The Queen of Pop turns 30 today and we all just got a little giddy at The Trend Boutique. Miss Britney Spears has had one hell of a rollercoaster ride in the limelight, but no matter what, she brings the funky styles for us to remember (sans the denim explosion Justin Timberlake and her shared below.) We’ve created the all-important Britney’s Guide to Fashion via TTB! Enjoy ♥ and cheers to you Brit, celebrate like there’s no tomorrow.

Click the photo to shop the styles @ The Trend Boutique ☺

Wildfox Caveman Baggy Beach Jumper in Free Love Red

Jen's Pirate Booty Premlata Strapless Tube Dress in River

Rails Kendra Gauze Plaid Shirt in Solid Grey

Wildfox Double Sergeant Hunter Polo in Militant

LnA Open Cardigan in Heather Gray

LnA Fish Bones Tee in Black

Winter Kate Barbary Kimono Jacket in Multi Print

Winter Kate Sequined Cowl-Back Dress in Gold

And here’s one just for old times sake:

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1 Response to The Trend Boutique Wishes Britney Spears a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Nina says:

    Best wishes to miss B!

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