Happy Happy Birthday Miley! <3 The Trend Boutique

Our favorite teen superstar turns her last “-teen” year today ringing in at a wonderful 19 years old, Happy Birthday Miss Miley Cyrus! She stuck one to the press last week when they hounded her on her weight and we love the fact that she  gave them a big middle finger and embraced her fabulous self. Her effortless style is one to imitate and Trend Boutique wishes you many more fashionable years to come!

  1. JJ Winters Hornback Bag in Brown
  2. Sheri Bodell Meadow Gown in Creme
  3. Paula Bianco Infinity Scarf in Mocha
  4. Winter Kate Kimono Dress in Grey Floral
  5. Lauren Moshi Hippie Girl Swing Pocket Tank in White
  6. Boys + Arrows Bikini
  7. J.J. Winters Chain Leather Croco Miley Clutch
  8. Siwy Camilla Cut-Off Jean Shorts in Snowstorm

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