Travel in Comforting Style @ The Trend Boutique

Let’s face it, traveling whether it’s by road, train, or flight is one pain in the hoo-hah. From the stress of making it on time, layovers, and airport  junk food, anything that will make the trip back home for the holidays more comforting is rightfully accepted with big ol’ open arms. What better way to do this than by traveling in stylish loungewear. The Trend Boutique has put the perfect pieces together to cozy you up all the way home, check them out!

  1. Rebel Yell BF Wide Leg Sweatpants in Heather Royal 
  2. Wildfox Couture Fairyland Lennon Sweater in Cream 
  3. Wildfox Couture Hendrix Pants in Black Stripe
  4. Paula Bianco Infinity Scarf in Charcoal
  5. Koolaburra Haley Boots in Seta
  6. Rebel Yell Ciao Pullover Hoodie in Gold

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