Your Inner SpiritHood at The Trend Boutique

According to SpiritHoods, “[the] animal hats represent the bond we all share with each other and our primal natures.” And let’s face it, we all have that longing to figure out which inner-animal we are. SpiritHoods now offers a selection of furry creatures at The Trend Boutique  for every personality, and with portions of its profits going towards animal conservation programs, it’s hard not to have an inkling to purchase your very own hooded pal. Each piece is 100% faux fur and 100% animal-friendly, so connect with your fave piece today!

FOX: Your agile mind is always active, and although you never intend to harm others, you have developed a reputation for slyness and manipulation. The female of the species is called a vixen for good reason: With her sharp mind and equally sharp tongue, she is best left alone when angry.

SKUNK:  You are confident about your place in the world, and you’ve happily carved out your own niche.You have a strong personality, and you have no desire to lead or follow anyone. You are brilliant and a rule breaker.

TIGER: Tigers are handsome and powerful people with an innate self-confidence and elegance.You have a sense of immediacy and an aura of electricity that surrounds you. Once you’ve found your groove, you focus on your goal with a brightly burning intensity.

WOLF: Wolves are intensely ambitious and never shy from hard work. Socially adept, you function well in leadership and management roles as well as in jobs requiring vision and strength of character. Being a natural motivator, your instinctive understanding of group dynamics serves you well in goal-oriented tasks.

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