The Trend Boutique Wishes Kim K. a Happy 31st Birthday!

Pop culture’s favorite voluptuous babe, Kim Kardashian, celebrates the big 3-0 today and if we had to guess, her birthday extravaganza would probably involve 30 birthday cakes, 8 jaw-dropping outfits, and an endless shower of birthday presents. The fashionista has a successful jewelry line called Belle Noel that we can’t get enough of at The Trend Boutique , and now she has a handsome husband that will accessorize her glamorous lifestyle perfectly.  Whatever her celebration may be, we all know it will be in effortless style. So, here’s to you Kim K., and may your 30th bring you another great year, cheers!

  1. Belle Noel Mini Dagger Collar Necklace
  2. Thatcher Evolve Intarsia Dress
  3. Belle Noel Pharaoh Collar Necklace
  4. Love Quotes Linen Knotted Fringe Scarf in Mallard
  5. Ani Lee Josie Dress
  6. Belle Noel Large Leather Nugget Cuff and Rams Horn Bangle
  7. Pencey V Blazer and Belle Noel Dagger Pendant Necklace
  8. Belle Noel Textured Slice Bangle Set

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