Season of the Witch @ The Trend Boutique

Vampires and werewolves move aside, it’s the season of the witch. We wish we knew a thing or two about magic because if we did, then that cute guy down the street would show up at our doorstep begging to be our personal slave for eternity– Okay, let’s keep it PG here. But really, we wished something would happen when we wiggle our nose or snap our fingers, but the only things that follow are curious stares from strangers wondering what the heck we’re doing. We’re forever cursed to live a Muggle’s life. But you know what? There are no rules against looking magical especially during Halloween time ☺. So we’re here to help you (and ourselves) get that wild, witchy look.

1. Wildfox Skeleton Dance Baggy Beach Jumper in Clean Black
2. Spell Voodoo Bone Skull Necklace in Brass
3. Blue Life The Weekender Dress in Black
4. American Gold Belladonna Burnout Dress in Black
5. Natalie B Cross Ring in Black
6. American Gold Awakening Stud Kimono in Black
7. Low Luv Bone Stack Bracelet in Silver
8. Spell Halo Skull Necklace in Silver
9. For Love and Lemons Pedro Caplet Dress in Black
10. Wildfox Over-Sized It’s Witch Craft Tee in Clean White
11. Spirit Hoods Night Hawk
12. Luv AJ Carved Talon Bracelet in Copper Ox

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