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Now we all have our problems because life isn’t perfect, but, there’s no reason to  start off your day without a little peace, love, and happiness. So, hug a loved one and get that fuzzy feeling, eat that piece of chocolate cake to satisfy your craving, and dance like you don’t give a damn. It is the perfect recipe for that extra bliss you’ve been searching for amid the chaos and stress life may bring. The Trend Boutique has the perfect statement-making pieces to help you exercise those 53 face muscles into one big, bright smile.

  1. Wildfox New Peace Poncho Sweater
  2. Lauren Moshi Frankie Hang Loose Baseball Tee
  3. Wildfox Couture Live in Peace Black Bird Skirt in Blue Iceberg
  4. Wildfox Couture Imagine Penny Lane Sweater in Daisy 
  5. Wildfox Couture Imagine Penny Lane Sweater in Blue Jean
  6. Wildfox Peace Mega Babe Tank in Neon Green
  7. The Wildfox New Peace Baggy Beach Jumper in Metal Black
  8.  Wildfox Give Peace a Chance Slip Tank Dress in Dirty White

  1. Wildfox Couture Make Love Festival Fringe Tee in Free Love Red
  2. Chaser LA Addicted to Love Destroyed Slouchy Faded Tee in Black
  3. I’m In Love V-Neck Tee in Dirty White
  4. Wildfox Couture Bianca Jagger Penny Lane Sweater in Earth
  5. Rebel Yell High On Love Tank in White
  6. Wildfox Red Sparkle Heart Baggy Beach Jumper
  7. Lauren Moshi Lily Love Bracelet Swing Tank
  8. Wildfox Big Love Over-Sized Sweatshirt
  9. Chaser LA What About Love Tri-Blend Swing Muscle Tee in Turquoise 
  10. Lauren Moshi Love Swing Tank in White
  11. Rebel Yell Tie-Dye Heart Scrunchie Tank in Black
  12. Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian 14KT Gold Love Ring

  1. Wildfox Couture Sparkling Smile Woodstock Poncho in Daisy 
  2. Rebel Yell Smile Rocker Tee in Heather Gray 
  3. Sauce Heart Eyes Racer-Back Tank in Black 
  4. Lauren Moshi Frankie Happy Face Baseball Tee in White / Black
  5. Chaser LA Rolled Sleeve Nirvana Smiley Tee in Black
  6. Wildfox Good Day Ripped Rock Tee in Clean White
  7. Rebel Yell Smile Romper in Neon Yellow 
  8. Sauce Egg Eyes Racer-Back Tank in White
  9. Wildfox Vampire Love Baggy Beach Jumper in Mustard

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