The Trend Boutique Has A Handbag Face-Off

Lipgloss, keys, wallet, mints, and a handy-dandy wine opener (for emergencies of course☺), are some of the things you would find if you were rummaging through my purse. With the sizes of handbags getting bigger and bigger, it’s hard not to pack your entire life into your trusty satchel. As tempting as that it is, ladies we must refrain. Some days a larger handbag is necessary, and for others a sexy mini purse will suffice. Check out these celebrities switching from large to small and vote for your favorite style now ♥

Vanessa Hudgens in JJ Winters


Nicole Richie in House of Harlow Handbags

Lindsay Lohan in JJ Winters

Knockout Handbags: 

Rebecca Minkoff Lovespell Crossbody Bag in Creme

Spell Bone & Tassel Bag in Black

Linea Pelle Medium Dylan Leather Zip Tote in Coral

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Studded Grocery in Black


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