It’s A Steal! Items Under $100 @ The Trend Boutique

Everyone’s tight on cash these days and we feel your pain. After splurging on a pair of shoes, we are forced to live on instant noodles for about a month and a half. Completely worth it though. As they say, pain is beauty. But let us ease a little bit of that pain and help you out. We have affordable items which are just as cute (if not more) as the unreachable expensive ones. We promise that you won’t have to sacrifice your meals after any of these purchases.

  1. LnA Spaghetti Tank in Black
  2. Tiger Lily Signature Feather Earrings in Gold
  3. Wkshp Sioux Falls Armhole Top in Orange
  4. The Belle Noel Palladium Nugget Belle Locket
  1. House of Harlow 1960 Antiqued Arrow Bracelet With Pave in Rose Gold
  2. Mighty Fine Lakers Are For Lovers Burnout Crop Tee
  3. Wildfox Love Potion Number 9 Tee in Black and Purple
  4. Blue Life Boardwalk Tank with Uneven Hem in White
  1. Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian Textured Slice Bangle Set 
  2. Chaser LA Van Halen Live Lion Boxy Dolman in White Burnout
  3. J.J. Winters Chain Leather Croco Miley Clutch
  4. Jen’s Pirate Booty Cha Cha Tube Top in Natural

About The Trend Boutique

The Trends You Want To Wear, From Today's Hottest Designers!
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