We Love Lace @ The Trend Boutique

We want to float in a sea of lace. Is there such thing? Maybe in a faraway land where instead of grass, there’s cashmere and the clouds are made of Hermes scarves. As you can see, we have an unhealthy obsession with all things lace and we can’t be blamed for it. Antique, modern, bohemian or rocker, it can be used for anything and everything. It was all the rage in the 16th century and hasn’t died out just yet, which really says something. It’s 2011 and lace is still going strong. We bet you ten bucks in the year 3000, we’ll find a way to sew lace on to our space suits.

Anna Sui, Stella McCartney, Balmain

Christian Lacroix, Stella McCartney, Marc Bronte


1. Nightcap Jungle Lace Kaftan in White
2. Blue Life Lauper Lace Bra Tank Top in Black
3. Nightcap Clothing Long Sleeve Victorian Lace Dress in Black

1. Blue Life Lace Bare Belly Tank in Natural
2. Blue Life Long Sleeve Lace Back Drape Top in Ivory
3. Blue Life Angel Top with Lace Sleeve in Natural

1. Nightcap Jungle Lace Bodysuit in Black
2. Blu Moon O So Easy Mini Skirt in Black Bohemian Lace
3. Blue Life Lace Barebelly Tank in Faded Black

1. Pleasure Doing Business Lace Dress in Black
2. David Lerner Lace Tank Dress in Black
3. Corey Lynn Calter Gabby Lace Insert Dress in Black

1. Nightcap Lace Maxi Skirt in Ash
2. Blue Life Dancing Queen Flared Lace Pants in Black

1. LnA Lace Thigh High Leggings in Black
2. Nightcap Clothing Vine Lace Leggings in Black

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