Leo Style @ The Trend Boutique

There are so many things we could say about a Leo, all of them being things that most non-Leos wish they could be. The lucky ones under this sign are an ambitious group that don’t shy away from the spotlight. They are meant to be the center of attention and never settle for fading into the background. Makes you wish you had their guts! Leos are a fiery bunch with strong personalities that don’t easily back down when facing an adversary. You DON’T want to go up against a Leo. They are the kings and queens of the jungle and rulers of their own universe. But they’ve got a softer side to them as well since they let their hearts control their emotions rather than their minds, which is exactly what this world needs. A big happy birthday shout-out to all our Leos! And hey, even if you aren’t a lion, there’s nothing stopping you from dressing like one.

1. Wildfox Sequin Lion King Swing Back Dress in Clean White
2. Wildfox Heart of Gold Leo Astrology Tee in Black
3. Spirit Hoods Lion
4. Rebel Yell Airbrushed Lion Boyfriend Tee in White
5. Wildfox Lion Sequin Surf Raglan Tee in Militant
6. Chaser LA Chaser LA Van Halen Live Lion Dead Boxy Dolman in White Burnout

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