The Trend Boutique Loves Kristin Cavallari!

Who DIDN’T watch Laguna Beach? Please, we know you were camping out in front of you TV ten minutes before it started, waiting with bated breath. What’s happening this episode? Who will Stephen choose? What sort of dramatic antics will Lauren, formally known as L.C., get herself into? And best of all, what will Kristin do? She was everyone’s favorite blonde beach bunny and we secretly celebrated inside when she would get her way. The reason we watched the show was for Kristin and her deliciously bitchy attitude and snarky comments. Our favorite guilty pleasure.

 To our surprise, she managed to stay in the spotlight long after Laguna Beach was over. What did we expect? A girl like Kristin doesn’t lay low for too long. She quickly shed her LB persona and tackled other projects, showing Hollywood that she was more than “that girl from Laguna Beach.” She’s also involved with the “Until There’s a Cure” campaign, PETA and NOH8, proving that she’s got a big heart as well. Attitude and heart, that’s what we like in our girls. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s got a style all her own.

 She’s not our style crush for no reason. Kristin rocks brands like Wildfox and Naven like a pro and we wish we looked half as good as her in a Vix bikini. You’ve come a long way, Kris. Here’s to hoping you stay in the spotlight a little longer. Hollywood just wouldn’t be the same without Kristin Cavallari.

1. Michelle Jonas Long Hippie Skirt in White
2. Naven Party Dress in Pop Pink
3.  Gypsy 05 Inspire Cut-Off Sweatshirt in Heather Grey
4. Wildfox Light Feather Tee in Black
5. Pleasure Doing Business Lace Dress in Black
6. JJ Winters Leather Croco Envelope Clutch in Bone
7. Gypsy 05 Lili Silk Ombre Maxi Dress in Coral
8.  Amanda Uprichard Joan Dress in Blood Reptile
9. Vix Bia Logo Bikini Top in Magenta
10. Chaser LA Pink Floyd Cold Shoulder Tee in Heather Grey
11. Black Orchid Black Star Cut Off Shorts in Pure White
12. Rebel Yell Blondes Do It Better V-Neck Tee in Black Ash

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