Summer Work Clothes @ The Trend Boutique

You’ve got work over the summer and you find yourself fighting to keep cool in the blazing sun while trying to keep from sweating through your office-worthy outfit. How do you even find a balance between comfort and looking professional? Ultimate dilemma. Because let’s face it, sweat stains aren’t exactly the best look for the working girl. Ditch the ugly and stifling dress suits and opt for something lighter, like a flowy dress or a loose shirt. Just because you’ve been thrown out into the real world doesn’t mean you have to look miserable all the time! Look fabulous, make those big bucks and keep on truckin’.

Black Halo Jackie O Sheath Dress in Black

Joie Avery Ruffle Silk Top in Caviar

Joie Avery Ruffle Silk Top in Porcelain

Joie Alicia Silk Pocket Tee in Dark Navy

Gypsy 05 Silk Zip Tunic in Black Tie-Dye

Nu Collective Printed Silk Chiffon Top in White Floral

Rachel Pally Cosette Dress in Lilypad

Corey Lynn Calter Carla Pin Tuck High Neck Blouse in Black

Winter Kate Iris Vest in Peach

Rachel Pally Sleeveless Caftan Top in Green

Heartloom Vestry Vest in in Grey

Heartloom Vestry Vest in in Tar

Pencey V Blazer in Cream

LnA Drape Neck Tank in Black

Winter Kate Tilapia Blouse in Floral Bird Print

Corey Lynn Calter Lianne Ruched Dress in Purple

Rachel Pally Salome Top in Pomegranate

Corey Lynn Calter Doris Houndstooth Pencil Skirt in Black/Brown

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