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We’re all dying to live in a John Hughes movie. Nothing ever goes wrong. Wait, scratch that. Loads of shenanigans go on in the beginning and middle. Working class girl is in love with the rich popular guy (or vice versa) and has to overcome obstacles in the form of the snobby in-crowd. Gotta love high school life in the movies! But what really counts is that awe-worthy end scene where the guy gets the girl and it’s always happily ever after. Where’s our Jake Ryan? Well, since we can’t all live the life of a John Hughes heroine, we might as well dress like one.

It’s all about the 80’s right now. Vintage is totally très chic and Molly Ringwald is the it-girl to draw inspiration from. LA fashion is inspired by past styles and you can’t walk down the street without seeing clothes that take you back a few decades. Bring back the blazers, lace, big hats and funky sunglasses. We’re 80’s girls now!

Winter Kate Ivy Antique Cardigan in Ivory

Blu Moon Velvet Open Front Jacket in Blue

Blu Moon Heart Sunglasses in Red

Nightcap Clothing Penny Blazer in Black

Sauce Patches Blazer in Black

American Gold Last Tango in Paris Maxi Dress in Floral Print

Selima Kate Hat in Camel

Anda and Masha by Selima Anita Hat in Black

Winter Kate Hudson Vest in Jet Black

Winter Kate Flying Fox Bed Jacket in Red Floral Print

Winter Kate Health Long Skirt in Floral Print

Naven Party Dress in Pop Pink

Naven Bombshell Dress in Pop Pink

Rubber Ducky Eva Strapless Goddess Dress in Pink

Ramona LaRue Ali Silk Short Jumper in Hot Pink

Wildfox Roses Pocahontas Maxi Dress in Pretty in Pink

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