The Trend Boutique Loves Nicole Richie!

Nicole, how do you do it? She’s got never-ending creative energy in that cute little frame and then some. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, sweet– whoa, hold up. We’ve got flutters in our stomachs and we can’t stop singing her praises. What does this mean? Could this be… a crush? Fine, we admit it. We’re proud to say that we have a crush on Nicole Richie. Could you really blame us? The girl has done it all and she’s still not finished conquering the world. And we do love a girl that knows how to take control!

She got us hooked with the very first episode of The Simple Life. Don’t deny it. That show was everyone’s guilty pleasure and we have Nicole to blame. We couldn’t get enough of the loud and outspoken girl that stole the spotlight in every episode.

Like the crazed Nicole fans that we are, we followed her after The Simple Life and became totally jazzed when she delved into the world of fashion. She was in a bit of a rough patch for a while, but did that hold her back? Nope. Not Nicole. Her style went through an intense transformation and she traded tabloid covers for Vogue. Talk about a complete 180. We also have to thank her rocker hubby, Joel Madden, for giving her the two cutest kids in the world. One of them who helped inspire the name for two of her lines (Thanks, Harlow!). A hot husband and two adorable kids. I’d say Nicole’s got it all. This helped her shake off her old ways and become the style icon that we know and love today. House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate finally came into our lives and everything was perfect. Enough said.

 Why do we love Nicole? We think it’s obvious. We can’t resist a girl who conquers the world in floral dresses. Didn’t you know global domination and fashion go together? Keep doing what you’re doing, Nicole. It’s working.

1. HOH Jordana sunglasses
2. Winter Kate Harlequin Halter Maxi Dress in Green Floral
3. HOH Chelsea Sunglasses in Black
4. Winter Kate Anais Dress in Black
5. Winter Kate Iris Vest in Peach
HOH 4KT Gold-Plated Antiqued Arrow Cuff
HOH 14KT Gold Long Coin Necklace
6.  Winter Kate Cooper Top in Black Multi
7. Winter Kate Amber Jack Dress in Multi
8. Winter Kate Tilapia Blouse in Floral Bird Print
9.  Winter Kate Glamour Dress in Pink
10.  Chaser LA Addicted To Love Destroyed Slouchy Faded Tee in Black
11.  Winter Kate Jasmine Velvet Cardigan in Mauve
12. HOH Carmen Sunglasses in Black
13.  HOH Brass Seven-Strand Head Piece
HOH 14KT Gold Sunburst Stations Necklace
HOH Gold Aztec Bangles
14. Winter Kate Passenger Dress in Hibiscus Floral Print
HOH 14KT Gold Feather Cabochon Locket Ring
15. HOH 14KT Gold Large Feather Row Cuff
HOH 14KT Gold Antiqued Feather Stud Earrings
HOH Gunmetal Triquetra Hinged Cuff
HOH Gunmetal Triquestra Ring
HOH Gold Black Resin Hexagon Ring

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3 Responses to The Trend Boutique Loves Nicole Richie!

  1. kappajules says:

    I, also, LOVE Nicole Richie’s style & easy-going, fun personality which is reflected in her collections & brands she wears. I’ve followed her fashion transformation since The Simple Life debuted and she definitely has always owned her style. She NAILS the Boho-Chic look EFFORTLESSLY and I often purchases pieces she’s shown wearing–especially, HOH 1960 & Winter Kate. She is a TRUE entreprenuer and I have TOTAL respect for her creativity and business savvy.

  2. dcmaxqueen says:

    I love you for loving her! I’d like to thank her for guiding me, fashion-wise, through my teens and into my adult life. ❤

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